Spokane Web & App Development

We are a Spokane-based web and mobile app development firm delivering clean, custom, scalable websites and apps to businesses of all sizes.


We live for creativity, results and having a good time along the way. We dig into your business objectives, ask the smart questions, get to know you, and produce something together that’ll turn heads and make us all proud. Trust us to deliver insightful work based on what you really need. And like any good friend, we’ll tell you if you’re spending too much, need to change the way you do something, or have spinach in your teeth. This is how it all goes down, in a symphony of efficiency (and the occasional pastry):

01 You'll submit a bid request to us. We'll call you in for a meeting to discuss your web design or app development idea. We'll hear all your hopes and fears and construct what we believe is an ideal path to realize those hopes and avoid those fears. We'll then articulate that plan in verbal or written form, complete with timelines and a fixed-price cost based on our hourly projections. You'll love it, or you won't. There is absolutely no charge for this process, no matter how long it takes.
02 Now you've accepted our proposal and/or bid. Congratulations, "today is the first day of the rest of your life!", or some other such faux-some nonsense. We'll sit you down and go through dozens of inspirational designs to get a sense of your subjective style. Once we have a solid idea of what that is, we'll set to work on designing you the best possible version of what used to only exist in your head. We'll work and re-work it until we've met all of your expectations, no matter how long it takes.
03 It's time to start programming this (presumably) bold and beautiful marvel of the modern human's dreamscape into an actual, functioning piece of industrial efficiency that would bring a German automaker to its knees. In this phase you simply sit back, relax, maybe catch a Broadway show or monster truck rally (or why not both, simultaneously, if possible?) while you wait for us to hand over your new website or app. And, you guessed it, we'll keep working at it until you're happy, no matter how long it takes.

We should mention that the phrase "no matter how long it takes" is somewhat of a misphrase in this context. You're not meant to infer that there would be no pre-determined development window for your project. It's more of a "hey, look how hard we're willing to work for you and aren't we amazing" sort of thing.

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