We're a small team offering big results
We've been around the web development industry since its inception in the late '90s (even though we're only in our early thirties). We've learned through first-hand experience the traps other firms fall into, and have worked hard to ensure we don't fall into them ourselves.
Luc Boone
Program Manager/UX Lead

I am the Founder of Night Fox and a lifelong entrepreneur. I'm thirty-four years old, been married for eight years, have two badass young boys (three and seven) and I can hold my breath for, what I consider to be, an impressively long time. I've been programming and designing websites since I was twelve years old, and I love what I do.

Should you ever do business with us, I will be your main point of contact. I am very blunt by nature, but exacting with my words. Meaning I will not sugarcoat anything or try to sell you something I wouldn't buy myself. I'm very careful to never over-promise and can admit when we've missed the mark and react accordingly. Ours is a service industry, and I will endeavor to provide you the highest level of that service which is humanly possible.